Uses Of TowelWizz

The TowelWizz is a multipurpose band with many uses; from restraining a towel from blowing off of a sun lounger to keeping a towel wrapped for you to carry around easily. Wherever you are: On a cruise! On a beach! Around the Pool! Or in a garden! These are just some of the TowelWizz’s uses.

The TowelWizz can be slipped over your lounger securing your TOWEL. It can also SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS as seen in the picture.

The TowelWizz can slip over your SUITCASE to make it more identifiable when travelling especially at airports and baggage reclaim.

The TowelWizz can be used to secure your BOOKS, MAGAZINES, FILES & FOLDERS.

The TowelWizz can slip over your SUN LOUNGER to prevent your towel from blowing away, or slipping down. It can also secure a rolled up towel to make  it easy to carry.

The TowelWizz is one band, it is machine washable, fits easily into your suitcase, is lightweight and multipurpose, looks great and fits most loungers and chairs.


Your beach towel will never blow off your sun lounger again! 


Our innovative towel band helps you carry your towel neatly and simply .


Secure belongings such as books and sun-cream using TowelWizz.


Easily identify your suitcase at the airport 


A small cost that will make a huge difference 

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