After many years of holidaying, my husband and I became frustrated with having to continuously adjust our towels and retrieve them when they had blown off our sun loungers.

One of our favorite holidays is cruising and this is where we found the problem to be the WORST! It is particularly WINDY on deck and our towels blew away time and time again; sometimes you would leave to get a drink and return to find your towel had blown off the sun lounger and someone else sitting in your chair, believing it to be empty. We found a similar problem on a beach or around a pool, and spoke to numerous fellow holidaymakers who all experienced and moaned about the blow away towel!

After trying different ways to solve the problem with nothing that worked properly, we returned home and put our minds to work to create an attractive band that would solve this problem and serve many other uses too!

We created the TowelWizz Multi Purpose Beach Band! A band that serves a multitude of purposes in a multitude of places AT THE BEACH, BY THE POOL, ON A CRUISE SHIP, ON YACHTS AND BOATS, AT HOME AND IN YOUR GARDEN NOT FORGETTING THAT IT IS ALSO MULTI PURPOSE For SUITCASES (for Identifiable purposes) To secure a rolled up TOWEL containing a bathing suit etc. To wrap around BOOKS, MAGAZINES, FILES and FOLDERS for school or the office

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