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Your beach towel will never blow off your sun lounger again! 


Our innovative towel band helps you carry your towel neatly and simply .


Secure belongings such as books and sun-cream using TowelWizz.


Easily identify your suitcase at the airport 


A small cost that will make a huge difference 

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After many years of holidaying, my husband and I became frustrated with having to continuously adjust our towels and retrieve them when they had blown off our sun loungers.

One of our favorite holidays is cruising and this is where we found the problem to be the WORST! It is particularly WINDY on deck and our towels blew away time and time again; sometimes you would leave to get a drink and return to find your towel had blown off the sun lounger and someone else sitting in your chair, believing it to be empty. We found a similar problem on a beach or around a pool, and spoke to numerous fellow holidaymakers who all experienced and moaned about the blow away towel!

After trying different ways to solve the problem with nothing that worked properly, we returned home and put our minds to work to create an attractive band that would solve this problem and serve many other uses too!

We created the TowelWizz Multi Purpose Beach Band! A band that serves a multitude of purposes in a multitude of places AT THE BEACH, BY THE POOL, ON A CRUISE SHIP, ON YACHTS AND BOATS, AT HOME AND IN YOUR GARDEN NOT FORGETTING THAT IT IS ALSO MULTI PURPOSE For SUITCASES (for Identifiable purposes) To secure a rolled up TOWEL containing a bathing suit etc. To wrap around BOOKS, MAGAZINES, FILES and FOLDERS for school or the office

Cruise Ship Accessories 

TowelWizz, the revolutionary beach towel band, is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after cruise ship accessories on the market.

With it’s multiple uses, sleek design and affordable price, a TowelWizz band is a necessity for any holiday maker. However for those holidaying at sea, where windier climates are frequent and finding a free sun lounger is particularly challenging, TowelWizz can help improve your holiday and make life much easier!

TowelWizz provides you with a multi-purpose beach band and is becoming an essential cruise ship accessory for your holiday at sea. Making relaxing in the sun even easier and hassle-free, a low-cost TowelWizz band can be used to secure your towel to your sun lounger, preventing your towel from blowing away. It can also be used to secure your belongings, provide an easy towel carrying solution and even allow you to easily identify your suitcase at the airport.

These little issues occur on every holiday we take. We tend to look at them as only minor problems that we don’t need to worry about, however one inexpensive TowelWizz band can solve all of these issues and leave us to enjoy a relaxing break.

We all get annoyed when our towel blows off the sun lounger, we get frustrated when we struggle to identify our luggage and sometimes we don’t have enough hands to juggle all of our belongings. TowelWizz is the ultimate in cruise ship accessories and can be ordered today by


What our customers say about us

Would highly recommend great for stopping your towel blowing away and slipping down while using the sun bed....great value for money!!
November 06, 2016
Excellent. Amazing simple product which works perfectly.
Amazon Customer
August 01, 2016
We visited Cape Verde just what we need stopped our towels flying away
Amazon Customer
June 08, 2016
These are brilliant - stopped our towels flying away while on the beach - tucked my kindle under it to to keep it safe.
Amazon Customer
October 24, 2015
Brilliant, just as the picture and text describes the product. Came a day earlier than scheduled. Thank you! :) :) :)
Miss H Tull
September 16, 2016
Thanks. Great product and fast delivery.
gary hutchinson
September 03, 2015
Arrived promptly and a very good product
Miss J D Baldwin
July 06, 2015
This really is the best holiday essential ever. Just used for two weeks, in Greece some of the days were windy, but they worked a treat. This is a great simple idea, would recommend & have done so!
June 25, 2015
Just the job for stopping your towel blow off your sun bed!
Mike Whittingham
June 15, 2015
A godsend on our cruise. Quite windy on top deck. The bands kept our towels secure on our lounger when we left them. Got a lot of comments about them.
ian clifford riley
August 28, 2014

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TowelWizz: Your Must-Have Cruise Accessory

We’ve all experienced it and we’ve all failed…Trying to get a towel to stay on a sun lounger. No matter how you hang, tuck or fold your towel, it always seems to fall down or blow away. The problem is made worse when at sea on a cruise ship.

Thankfully though, a product called TowelWizz, is helping to make a day at sea or on the beach as relaxing as it should be.

The TowelWizz was created by Annette and her husband after becoming frustrated on holiday by continuously adjusting their towels and stopping them blowing away from their sun loungers.

Corporate branding available –
a great way to advertise your company TowelWizz band

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